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DDC School, Phnom Penh student sponsorship program

Sponsorship of a student at HELP Cambodia's DCC supplementary school in Steung Meng Chey, Phnom Penh is A$40 per month.  This small monthly amount can change a child's life.  The funds are tax deductible, consolidated with other sponsorship funds and go towards the cost of running the DDC school (primarily teacher salary and teacher resources).  The student will have access to classes in English, IT, Khmer traditional dance and other initiatives which will provide supplementary education providing hope for a better future and a chance for dreams to become a reality.   HELP Cambodia focuses on empowerment rather than charity and education empowers. Sponsorship provides education and education can help break the cycle of poverty. 

Communications include:-

  • A sponsor will receive an annual report on how the sponsorship funds are being spent at the DCC school (please see the "Reports" tab for past years reports)   

  • The school manager has set up an email account for communications between sponsors and their sponsored child which is [email protected]. This account is monitored and is a great way for a sponsor to support the student learning English

  • Sponsors are encouraged to join the team when they visit Cambodia in November each year.

Currently 71 of the 112 students are sponsored.  From time to time a sponsored child leaves the program for various reasons including the family moving away, graduation or a variety of other reasons.  If your student leaves DCC we will inform you and offer you the option of sponsoring another student. 


University Scholarship Fund

Some DCC students gain admission to university and further education but fees prohibit them from taking up this opportunity. In 2018 HELP Cambodia created a University Scholarship fund. If the student transitioning to university is sponsored, the sponsor may choose to continue support through the student sponsorship program. If the student does not have this support and has not been successful in being granted any other scholarship, they can apply to the HELP Cambodia University Scholarship fund. The student completes an application form and can make a commitment to being a role model in their community by volunteering or teaching at DCC, which is highly regarded. University results must be reported annually to secure ongoing assistance through the HELP Cambodia scholarship program. 


From Catherine, sponsor of In Vin (aged 10) and Panha Veasna (aged 10)

Giving to anyone who might benefit, always rewards the giver. When the receiver is a child who has very little and lives in an environment we couldn’t even imagine, the feeling that is invoked is that little bit enhanced. Selfishly, there is no better feeling than to know you are providing a child hope for their future and the future of their community. Being a sponsor reminds me to be grateful for the opportunities my children and I have had, and continue to have, just because we were lucky enough to be born in this country. 


From Chris, sponsor of Sothea Sorith (aged 18)

I have been sponsoring 18 year old Sothea Sorith for over 3 years now and am reassured that he is benefiting both personally and in his education from this donation. It is gratifying to hear regular updates from the HELP Cambodia committee on progress being made  at the DCC. I am hoping to be able to visit Sorith and witness this at first hand when travel becomes possible.


Click here to watch an interview with DCC school manager Bophal Choun talking about the importance of student sponsorship.

Sponsorship Handbook