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Our Beginning Story

Christine and Kathy, the co-founders of HELP Cambodia first travelled to this south east Asian developing country in 2010. They were struck by the gentle nature of the Cambodian people, even in the face of extreme poverty.  They were completely affected by what they saw and wanted to make a difference.  Despite extreme poverty, the children they met wanted to learn, they wanted to go to school. They could speak but not write in Khmer and knew very little English.  So in 2015 HELP Cambodia Inc was established with the vision of advocating for the most poverty stricken communities in Cambodia and fundraising to support in-country schools and education. Education and health are where our efforts are focused.

Later in 2015 HELP Cambodia Inc became an Australian registered charity with the ACNC and in 2016 the charities key project, the DCC school, received endorsement from Rotary as a RAWCS project.

Apart from the DCC School, HELP Cambodia has supported a number of other Cambodian charitable initiatives including SERVE Cambodia (raising funds to build their Light of Hope School and a maternal clinic in Takeo province), The Battambang Ophthalmic Care Centre (funding beds for the post operative patients), Lotus House community centre in Opheakspea village, Siem Reap (funds for a community water well and other small infrastructure items) and Heartprint in Siem Reap (contributing to the Manager salary).

Now, through the generosity of Australians (primarily the Wagga Wagga community), the lives of 100’s of Cambodians have improved enormously. They have education, food, care, shelter and hope! Our work is small but the benefits are great and on-going.

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